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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2011 6:31pm-7:01pm EDT

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libya style intervention. wall street activists join forces with students and unions demonstrations multiply across the u.s. against corporate greed blamed for leading the country to the brink of economic collapse who demonstrations started what's been called the occupy wall street movement three weeks ago. we visit russia. region where ancient traditions and beliefs are still observed today stay with us. this is a place where people still believe in spirits and turn to shamans for advice. at the same time buddhism here is widely practiced of the people here believe in miracles just as much as they do in the palace of science. this is a land where time seems to have come to a standstill. twenty
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six thousand square kilometers of mountains rivers and virgin forests. humans are rare sight. there can ski district is situated in gori attias southwest close to the border with mongolia. is one of russia's most spouse li populated areas. only five thousand people live in a valley overshadowed by the cyan mountains. most of them a soil the pneumatic ancestors settled here hundreds of years ago. there is just one road that leads to the far away region just only commissioned in one nine hundred ninety three however numerous mountain streams of them flood it making travel impossible.
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before setting out on a journey locals turned to shamans for help. but most don't because once to see his brother who tends a herd of yaks troy in the mountains are going to go with the one of the old. one and that although. he believes the shamanic ritual will ward off any dangerous journey in the long trip. put in this for them this is the right place for rituals as you can see three rivers meet here to be with you ok the number three symbolizes life spirituality and power. here rituals quickly purified people water absorbs bad energy to produce a sense of calm and gives an order of protection. ahead through the city.
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at the other end of the short distance from the public's capital. several men are about to be ordained to shamans. thank. the ritual three days would be shamans almost entirely deprived of sleep and food they will go into a state of trance to appeal to the spirits of their ancestors this. when nomadic people and therefore the initiations used to be held where the community happened to be at the time but today there is a process of globalisation going on where we've set up a religious organization of shaman this is where the initiations of before. the last. isn't. he will be among the initiated it will be the most important day of his life. stories knows there has been several outstanding
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shamans among his ancestors so he has no other choice but to become one himself. after the ritual he will be a healer an advisor and a teacher for many. only people who have suffered from disease can be shamans called shaman sickness clan is supposed to have a mind of shamanic succession the ability to talk with the spirits is handed down from generation generation to. the initiation ceremony went off without a hitch the spirits have allowed boris to attend a sort of a harem festival of shamans. on the way to the festival the novus shaman explains what his ancestors religion means to the people. what the burials always trusted their ancestors each clan at a patron saint of a shaman of various worship only their ancestors here we pray for burials and
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everyone else living yesterday not just for ourselves and our prayers we are still good fortune and wealth of. the sort of ahem festival is held in the funny fingers platter. last night people gathered around a sculpture in the form of a hand pointing to the sky. the monument is believed to have been erected by ancient inhabitants of this land. is what they do look like five fingers sticking out of the ground but when people see the other palm is located somewhere in mongolia in early summer shamans began their rituals with a plea for people's well being i come here for the sake of my family's prosperity. and the evil good ski doubts. he has major buddhist monastery monks roys early in
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the moonie. has to be up for the first prayer at seven am. in the middle of the year the monks lead a reclusive life and barely venture outside. the monasteries one hundred seventy inhabitants for a very strict daily routine. only lunch and prayers interrupt the activities at the buddhist monastery. there is a buddhist university in that that nearly two hundred monks attend it. life is very simple there are several monks to a room but cuba macos all students from the university live in this small building this is my bed with you there and your students also live here and i if. there was also a room for the teacher. i found it difficult to adapt to the monasteries austere
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way of life but you get used to it with the passage of time the routine becomes part of your life along with. differs from his fellow students in many ways most monks begin practicing buddhism from a young age. so it was well into his thirty's before he decided to take it up exchanging is shutting turmoil for the crimson robe of a monk. but. i became disenchanted with conventional life of the nation and i realized that it would get me nowhere by us that is when i decided to take the spiritual path. but the layman buddhism is just a religion would you want to thump it for people who want to move forward and study the teaching in earnest it is a boundless science. it is almost impossible to comprehend all of it even if you spend a lifetime studying what you know along the border. is
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considered one of the key spiritual centers of contemporary buddhism in russia hundreds of pilgrims come here every day. to begin with they go through a special ritual they need to spin drums as they make several rounds of the. each of the drums contains files of sheets of paper press inscribed on them it is believed if you spin a drum once you have to read all the prayers in it this simple method may improve your comma. which buddhists believe i think the chances of reincarnation. what i call the world's deepest lake local tribes worshiped it long before the arrival of russian colonists. guinea clip because it is in the tourist trade a popular business here. has explored every nook on the shores of the great lake.
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one of the most beautiful spots around by co. it is famous for its sandy beaches and a spectacular view of the same news peninsula. how much of it just from here you get a good view of the st knows peninsula and mount markov with its snowy top. the snow is still there even though it is the month of june now. the beach is about thirty kilometers long. it's the longest beach on by cal. so we're going to this time give gainey has organized a tool he will take group of young tourists to the most sacred a mystical sites in the vicinity of by called. the starting point is near the same nose peninsula this land is covered in tool mountains and thick forests. in the
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old days but he adds revered it is one of the most sacred sites rituals were performed on the peninsula and the most respected shamans were buried here in this place is charged with enormous energy. people strength throughout the journey. such excursions of becoming increasingly popular tourist learning to choose routes the pope. through the so-called places of spiritual energy many of them can be found in. another point of interest is in the valley of bugaboos in river the area is often called the suv in ski stone council because of its resemblance to the gothic architecture of medieval europe. one theory suggests that the mountains were the last outpost of the berga mongols when have is the valley in ancient times
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. legend has it that they are whom to spirits of the wind. yes this is a wind swept place. locals used to think that the eagles flying over the valley were in fact the souls of shame and here. in the o. kinski district on the other side of bloody attia but mud on the cough is going up to see his brother on his way he will pass by a sacred place whenever a bad mother passes by he stops and bounds to it before pleading to his ancestors to grant him good luck during his long journey.
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meanwhile the brother and his wife are treating yak skin it's. soil so use them to make clothing footwear and harnesses. this technique is thousands of years old. locals still prefer who made thing. my mother taught me the skill. that's how my parents always did it for homemade things are better quality. as soon as they stretched the skin and suspend it from steaks they make a small fire to smoke it thoroughly. they put fur cones and juniper into the phone. this gives yak skin the necessary firmness and color. for the skin to get a good coloring it is smoked for thirty minutes. then it is turned over as much
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from the other side. as a result the skin turns orange. hasn't seen his brother for whuffie year. like that ancestors so it spend most of their lives in temporary camps in winter they go downhill to be closer to the rivers. in summer they use the passes to reach past just up in the mountains. there are no roads here. to get here his elder brother will have to cross several fast flowing mountain streams. to let all six local spirits for help and offers them a sacrifice in the form of several drops of fresh milk. the mushers that so much on me is going to make a lot of people
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a year i have been looking at days of rage is the global economy on the brink of a double dip recession if so why can't the rich west find the right mix of fiscal and. eventual cough this is evil get that same almost every month. tragedy struck his family two years ago when his daughter was seriously injured husband's shot in a fit of jealousy. polio washed the bullet entered her temple
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exited from the buck. ahead but i mean a lot of doctors told me the injury was fatal and that she might die within minutes from what it was nothing my wife and i could do about it i sent my wife to hospital expecting to bring the body back in which is a lot of it. even had never been a follower of buddhism but he visited evil get dat sign on the advice of a woman he knew. there he was advised to pray in front of the un decaying body of dashi daughter show it to a body at buddhist lama. several buddhist lamas gather on a mountainous plateau ne day in september two thousand and two. they were looking for the resting place of eighty kilos because seventy five years ago he himself requested that he should be exempt on that date. will be new mysie to sarcophagus was at a depth of one point two meters the cure for the body of does she does relate to
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guillot she was in a lotus position. it was examined on september eleventh three medical physiologists myself and told the oldest ladies attended the ceremony killable a lot of his body showed no signs of decomposition your still there was a sense that he had just fallen asleep. besides his body was warm its temperature was thirty six point six degrees just there to trista surest. local scientists couldn't work out why the law had not decomposed so the body was sent to moscow for further analysis. the findings of that investigation were unexpected that cater to a moscow scientists found no sign of surgery on the man's body after analyzing samples of hair and nails must course be richer they confirmed that both belonged to a living man roger which are like a. body was brought to evil. in
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a transparent sarcophagus. this unique footage was filmed a year later. after that journalists were not allowed to take pictures of the un decaying body. eventual cough only spent about half an hour face to face with this so-called imperishable lama but those thirty minutes changed his life forever. really i was there when the loan was brought into the temple i was told to ask him questions and just communicate with him he responded with a nod and facial expression was. a nagging thought i had at the time was this i just want my daughter to be a lawyer whatever happened and i'm with you when she nodded at me and instantly i knew she wouldn't i really thought i was going mad you mean my daughter suddenly came out of a coma when i was here and with that i was at one pm my the doctor said it had been
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a very close shave and she must have been born under a lucky stone. news of the miraculous recovery of evens daughter spread quickly across and beyond. graham's flocked to evil genes keep that sound. the number of visitors coming to the temple housing the imperishable body has since been limited now access to dashi daughter show it is restricted to eight times a year. visitors are allowed to enter the temple during major buddhist holidays. all the participants have gathered for the super sean festival. for the first time boris is going to pray together with revered shamans. on the behalf of all body at's twenty men will plead to local spirits and their own ancestors to grant them
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good luck and wealth. what is god. like all shamans orus has gone through the hardships of a shaman's life he suffered from disease he found no place for himself either in society or in his inner self when he found out that powerful shamans had been in his clan he turned to a teacher and that's when his spiritual and human elements merged into harmony. every shaman must wear a special ritual robe each element of it is charged with particular symbolism. take this camp for example. it's underneath the shamans crown this thing overshadows designs that is because the spirits descending from above are not supposed to see human eyes can scare them away. at the beginning of the ritual the shamans summon local spirits to offer them gifts sweets and vodka
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the ritual has remained unchanged over scores of generations similar sounds reverberated over the five fingers plateau a thousand years ago. as you can see the five fingered sculpture is somewhat higher than where we are what people have believed since the olden days that when you pray by this stirred sculpture pleads with the supreme gods and the father of the eternal blue sky on your behalf asking them to grow on you well being and good luck in all your undertakings. within. the next stop for the cyclist is a stone. garden. large rocks going back to the ice age a scattered over a vast area. locals regard the place as something more than just the land. they believe spirits live here. every traveler is supposed to make
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a symbolic sacrifice a few drops of milk all small change. the cyclists travelling around but he attias holy places funny arrive at the highlight of their itinerary the temple of the buddhist goddess. glow and welcome let us go to the temple. first of all you need to walk around the temple enter it to pray and only then will we go to the stone i don't want to come . this is second most popular place for pilgrimage to the evil good. is regarded as the pinch and saint of motherhood and children she's one of the most revered go to says in. many women come here in the hope of increasing their
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fertility. in a sound it's one case in point is a woman from a neighboring village she was an atheist i think if they had asked her three years ago if she had faith in any religion including buddhism she would have said no the problem was that she was already forty and had no success in getting pregnant and i got it but after she visited young in this holy place she gave birth to a daughter now the girl is one year old. anyone wishing to. help must take a narrow path up the hill. legend has it that the republic's current chief buddhist was meditating when the goddess yang g.-man appeared before him. she told him to look for her image in this valley. several months later monks discovered a stone bearing the image of a dancing go. now
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it is time for the travellers to appeal to the buddhist goddess someone along with some a lot of all else with you should make your personal please most sincerely i sing from the bottom of your heart and i know you do it either on your knees lying on the ground or standing thing makes no difference as long as you have faith in her. way. up in the o. kinski district on the cough is about to complete his journey but one last obstacle is in his way. the remains of an ancient love a plane from two extinct volcanoes stretch for seventy kilometers of scorched earth under all but in will come the should the valley of volcanoes is some fifty
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kilometers from. last erupted ten or twelve thousand years ago you lost sleep thought it. would last the long trip comes to an end but mom meets his younger brother pool at. they will spend several weeks together tending the herd. the soil it's hoped that this valley tucked away in the mountains will allow them to maintain the way of life handed down from their ancestors. to a lot i have lived here since i was a child that was the point of moving elsewhere i came back from my stint in the army and have been tending yak since. just like my father and grandfather did my family sells meat and milk for a living and quite enough sometimes i go hunting i don't think i need anything more . when
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the sun reaches its zenith twenty shamans begin praying together by the five fingered stone sculpture. to start with they also local spirits to accept their prayers and gifts. the ceremony is accompanied by the constant drumming of tambourines the temporariness the shaman's principal instrument that allows him to move between the human world and the spirit world. the critical moment arrives when the shamans take turns in going into a state of trunks and. cash. but he adds believe that such moments shaman's a no longer themselves their bodies have been taken over by the spirits of their ancestors. or are theirs.
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which. at first you feel dizzy then you'll vision is blood and you become lost in thought when you open your eyes you see the people around you but you better remember what's gone on before i can't explain it to you when you go into a state of trance you ask your ancestors to use you as a medium to talk to others. with. their ritual culminates in a symbolic sacrifice to the sky. young trees are tossed into a bone fide to make smoke. when the fire goes out and eagle appears over the five fingers platter. the sacrifice has been accepted and their prez he did. the next year will be
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a good one for the land where time has come to a standstill. our
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top story this hour you are looking at live pictures of wall street protest in new york as it is growing as activists joined forces with students and unions demonstrations are multiplying across the u.s. against corporate greed and the blame for leading the country to the brink of economic collapse again these are live pictures from new york where the demonstrations started as what's been called the occupy wall street movement three weeks ago since then some of those marching issued a statement claiming to represent ninety nine percent of the population against the country's richest one percent. on the other news now in athens police used tear gas to battle stone throwers as demonstrations get out of control there on the day of a nationwide strike that paralyzed the country the one day walkout by public sector staff angry a huge cuts in pay and pensions shut down airports ports and schools.


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